Out and About: Good Vibes, Good Deeds

by Christy Semple, RScPsend-good-vibes

Recently, I was walking past a retail store and something in the display window caught my eye. It was a brilliant blue shirt that had the words Send Good Vibes printed on it. I realized that the store didn’t have my size when I stopped in to check further, so I decided to investigate further online.

It turns out the shirt was a product of the Life Is Good company, a company known for its social awareness and their mission to “spread the power of optimism.” And it turns out the company puts a great deal of energy into this spreading optimism by walking the talk and encouraging others to do the same. But it’s not just by wearing their clothes! Behind the slogan on the Send Good Vibes tee shirt is a belief in the power of this practice and the support of others who practice it as well.

On the Life Is Good website, the company shares the idea that, “We see it when we believe it. Each one of us has a choice: to focus our energy on obstacles or opportunities. To fixate on our problems, or focus on solutions. We can harp on what’s wrong with the world (see most news media), or we can cultivate what’s right with the world. What we focus on grows.” It’s a reflection of some of the same principles we talk about in the Science of Mind teaching.

Elsewhere on the Life Is Good website, the company shares ideas and real-life stories for sending good vibes” and spreading the power of optimism by focusing on good and doing good. On one page, viewers are invited to “Tell us something good that happened today using #GROWtheGood on Twitter and Instagram and you (your story) may be featured here.” Another page is titled “Positive State – Let’s Change the Conversation,” where “positive personal stories from all fifty states reinforce that optimism is alive and well across the USA. Everyday, we can choose to help each other focus on the good. What we focus on grows.”

The tee shirt that I saw in the store window was more than a display of a cool-sounding motto. It is a call to action to participate in the metaphysical idea of raising the vibration of our collective consciousness and actively participating in “growing the good.” It is a wonderful reminder to rise above appearances, s Holmes encourages us to do in his writings, and know that the truth of Divine Goodness is alive and well in our world and we can each do something to help it grow!