Finding Prosperity in Unexpected Places

This time of year many metaphysical churches and centers offer prosperity as part of their class lineup. It’s a great time of year to look at things in a new way, and prosperity classes and workshops are always popular. Prosperity is a tricky subject, though. We all want more of it, but the truth about […]

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The lesson of an unwanted gift — A Practitioner’s Path

Many years ago, I learned a valuable lesson about gifts and the meaning of the holidays. I was working in a hospital as a medical laboratory professional and for a number of reasons, looked forward to the holiday celebrations that year more than I had in some time. I was at a point in my […]

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Listening to Nature — A Practitioner’s Path

My house sits in a location that has the dubious distinction of attracting a majority of the leaves from the trees that line my street. The lay of the land, placement of the houses and trees, along with the way that the wind blows through the neighborhood translates into my yard ending up with a […]

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Principles of Plenty & Children

coin-jar         by Christy Semple, RScP

Nurturing an understanding of the Truth principle of Plenty in children is a practice that is helpful to both the parents and the children. Reinforcing the idea that there is Plenty can be done when communicating with your children and with others when they are around your children, like your spouse and friends, throughout the day. You can make a conscious effort to use words and phrases related to “enough” and “plenty” rather than language related to lack and “not enough” when you’re talking about things in all aspects of life.

One specific example that is discussed by many families is a summer vacation, like going to the beach or a resort. Even if at the moment you aren’t feeling prosperous enough for planning such a vacation, you can know that in Truth you are provided in all ways to support a desire like a vacation, not just in money substance but in opportunities that can help in the demonstration of the vacation, like winning a vacation, receiving a gift of a vacation, having offers to use vacation tickets or rentals someone else can’t use, and “happening” to learn about special promotions and discounts. Knowing this, you can speak to your children with confidence, trust, and prosperity-oriented language about planning a vacation, regardless of what the current conditions may show. You can still save money in a vacation “jar” or vacation account and know that this is an expression of the bountiful substance coming to you to support your perfect vacation. You can remind yourself and your children that everything is coming together for the perfect vacation and along with them you can imagine all of you enjoying a wonderful time. You can see it, feel it, expect it, and affirm it with “and so it is”!

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