No One Can Do It for You



Christy Semple, RScP

I was enjoying a class at the gym recently and reflecting, as I always do when I am there, on the helpfulness of regular, continuing practice to both mental fitness and physical fitness. In both cases, ongoing learning of new skills and new approaches helps to facilitate deeper understanding and inspire renewed awareness and productive action. After nearly twenty years of attending both the gym and the Centers for Spiritual Living/Church of Religious Science, I also realized the value of a wise instructor to provide guidance in using a variety of different practices that effectively supported development and strengthening, both mentally and physically.

On this particular day at the gym, however, a different nugget of wisdom stood out. The instructor reminded us that no one can do it for you. “I can give you guidance and direction,” she said, ” but you are the one who gets yourself to move and do the exercises with intensity rather than just going through the motions.”

No one can do it for you – the power of this message and its similar applicability to spiritual growth stood out for me in that moment at the gym and has continued to stay at the forefront of my awareness. Along our spiritual path, we may receive guidance and inspiration from great teachers and we may have a practitioner doing Spiritual Mind Treatment (Affirmative Prayer) for us. It can be tempting to think, “I’ll listen to the wise words of the teacher and let the practitioner do the treatment work and I’ll be fine.” It goes back to the idea, though, that no one can do it for you. While the teacher can inspire your greater awareness and understanding, and the practitioner can know that Truth is revealed in a situation where it is challenging for you to know that Truth, they still can’t do the “mental muscle” work for you, in other words, consistently using the mental and spiritual tools yourself that support Oneness, healing, and change, such as meditation, positive affirmations, and supportive self-talk. The openness and receptivity of your own consciousness is key for the action of Infinite Intelligence to move through you in response to Spiritual Mind Treatment done by a practitioner. Your thoughts and beliefs, such as fear, doubt, and resistance, can block the flow even when some one else has done the Treatment for you.

So, just like at the gym where a great teacher can give instruction and guidance in aerobic routines and strength training, they still can’t do the actual physical actions for you, and likewise great teachers and practitioners can give instruction, guidance, and Treatment for you, but they can’t think the thoughts or feel the feelings that support mental and spiritual change and ultimately change in your outer experience. Truly, no one can do it for you but yourself. And as an expression of God, you have everything in your being to do that right here and right now!

Image from Learning Mind


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