Open Your Heart

by Christy Semple, RScP

apple-frankies-holiday-01I recently saw the holiday ad from Apple and was both intrigued and inspired. The ad starts out with a feeble and melancholy Frankenstein sitting alone in his home high in the hills. He wistfully hums the carol, “There’s no place like home for the holidays” as he looks around at the pictures of family members who are no longer with him. Next, we see Frankenstein recording the music to accompany his carol from an old music box onto his iPhone.

After a bit he ventures out into the cold, embarking on a journey arriving in the middle of a present day European-style village, bustling with people. He stops in the middle of the square, looks around and then bravely, but falteringly begins to sing, “There’s no place like home for the holidays,” accompanied by the recorded music box song on his iPhone.

He is met initially with looks of shock, disbelief and judgment from the crowd that has gathered to stare and he almost stops singing, until something beautiful happens.

A young girl in the crowd looks kindly on him, approaches him and begins to sing the song too. Slowly, others in the crowd join with her and ultimately the whole crowd is singing a beautiful, heartfelt rendition of “There’s no place like home for the holidays.”

Frankenstein’s demeanor has changed. His face reflects profound appreciation and his eyes well-up with tears. As the video ends, the words of a powerful message are displayed: Open Your Heart to Everyone.

This is a beautiful ad, exquisitely produced and superbly cast. I was genuinely moved and profoundly impressed that Apple chose to express this message. It goes deeper than the traditional wishes for Peace on Earth, getting to the heart of achieving such peace, which begins with each of us expressing the kindness, acceptance and compassion which are the essence of Peace. In the days following when I first saw the ad, I have mindfully been remembering the message of “Open Your Heart to Everyone” as I go about my daily activities and interactions out in the world. I have shared a smile with someone on the elevator who appeared gruff and mad and have engaged in conversation with someone in the checkout line at the grocery store who seemed lonely and upset, even when I felt preoccupied with pondering over a to-do list in my head. These are the actions of peace, real and powerful in their seeming simplicity.

Ernest Holmes, with his understanding of the power and beauty of this idea shared the affirmation:

“Gratefully I accept the Divine Love and Givingness (that are my true nature) and gladly extend them to everyone I meet.”

At this holiday season, when we celebrate the meaning of Christmas from a metaphysical standpoint, celebrating the birth of the Christ consciousness in us by honoring and practicing the qualities of Infinite Love and Peace that are our true nature, the practice of Opening Your Heart to Everyone is something we can begin doing right here and right now and continue as we move forward into the New Year.


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