Out & About: the picnic of the world


by Christy Semple, RScP

As a Practitioner and ongoing student of this teaching, I am always looking and listening to life around me to remind and inspire me that Truth principles are in action all around us every moment of every day. These reminders may be subtle, surprising, or bold, woven into the fabric of life and expressing in a myriad of ways.

Recently, I tuned in to one of these “Truth moments” while I was attending a Fourth of July celebration event in Virginia. On a hot summer evening, more than 5000 people of a range of ages and ethnicities enjoyed food, music and games. The noise was boisterous and the energy was spirited. Suddenly at 9:00, a test firework was set off and there was a hush through the crowd, followed by hurried movement as everyone headed to the blankets they had spread on the ground for viewing. A breathtaking display of fireworks ensued, accompanied by patriotic music.

As I looked out over the captivated crowd during this spectacular show, I felt a powerful awareness of Oneness and a beautiful sense of the collective joy among all. I marveled that God was enjoying Itself through the multiplicity and diversity of all those people on the lawn. In that moment, I was reminded of a wonderful children’s song we had been listening to earlier that day, “The Picnic of the World,” sung by Tom Chapin, brother of folk singer Harry Chapin.

I thought about how this experience was such a perfect expression of the lyrics as some of them ran through my mind…here is an excerpt of the words.

All the nations sitting on a blanket, having a picnic, the Picnic of the World.
There’s Holland and there’s Poland and there’s Iceland and there’s Thailand.
There’s England and there’s Scotland, and America (that’s my land).
There’s Canada and Panama; there’s Sweden and Aruba;
Korea, Tanzania, not to mention Greece and Cuba…

We’re all drinking from the same big thermos, at the same big picnic
It’s the Picnic of the World…

We’re all sitting on the same big blanket
With the same big basket full of problems and annoyances,
But all knowing at the deep down heart of it
We’re all a part of it,
The Picnic of the, Picnic of the Picnic of the World!

I felt gratitude for that moment of awareness and the Truth it expressed. In the following days, I have continued to reflect upon, with a smile, the idea of The Picnic of the World.

Yes, whatever the appearances or misunderstandings, we are indeed all a part of it, connected in the One Mind.


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