The Game of Life (and how to play it)

Game of Life book cover

If you’re relatively new to Religious Science or other New Thought movements, you may not have heard of Florence Scovel Shinn’s classic, “The Game of Life and How to Play It”.

In strikingly simple terms, Scovel Shinn lays out the foundational principles of New Thought, and in particular Religious Science. It’s a quick read, and well-worth the purchase whether you choose it in paperback or Kindle format.

BUT,… if you like audio books (I love them!), check out the FREE audio book version of this classic available at LibriVox Free Online Audio Library Archive. You can download each chapter, open the files using iTunes (or other software) and save to your iPhone, or other mp3 device and listen on the go, or burn it to a CD (fits on 1 audio CD disc) and take in the car.

Give yourself the gift of this great book – I suspect that you’ll read it more than once, and share it with a friend (or 2).



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