Revisiting Blessings

This blog was shared by Practitioner Christy Semple around Thanksgiving in 2014. Its timeless wisdom is relevant at any time of the year!

I Spy

All Blessings Great & Small

by Christy Semple, RScP

At Thanksgiving we are particularly inspired to encourage our children to give thanks for all the good in their lives, with family, home and friends often coming to mind first. As students and practitioners of Truth ideas, we learn to mindfully notice and appreciate God and good everywhere in all shapes and sizes; even the seemingly small things like a pretty leaf or pine cone given to us by a child.

This practice of mindful awareness and appreciation can be turned into a wonderful thankfulness activity for children that is perfect for Thanksgiving time and beyond.

Start by looking at some pages in an “I Spy” book with your child and finding some of the hidden items. Then mention that the blessings of good things in our lives can be more subtle and hidden so that we don’t readily take note of them.

These hidden blessings can be a kind smile from someone, a favorite fuzzy blanket or scarf, some fresh-baked muffins given by a neighbor, a toy or nice coat passed along from one child to another as it is outgrown. All are gifts from the Universe we can notice and for which we can be thankful.

You can help your child look at their own life with this “I Spy awareness” and see the smaller, more subtle blessings all around them. They will surely be surprised that there is much more good in their life than they had realized (even when they hadn’t been feeling like there was a lot of good at the moment). There’s so much to bless and celebrate this day and every day!

Helping our children (and ourselves) to be mindful of all the many blessings “great and small” all around us will help to open ourselves to the flow of even greater good in our lives.


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